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If you're a game dev and your games are based on JS+HTML stack check out this. This is a basic test for your skills: can your game use this method TO generate random?


    console.log(data.txid); //return txid - the unique id of your request  

function checkresult(txid) {
    $.getJSON(""+txid, function(data){
        console.log(data.rng); //reurn something like 852564963
    if (data.rng%2 == 1) {  //returns 0 or 1 based on rng 
      alert("You win");
    } else {
      alert("You lose!");

Do not worry about "server side", in a real project your requests will be send directly to blockchain. This is just a test code. If you understand this code AND can implement it in your game - WELCOME.  Subscribe to developers mail list and get documentation (when it complete).
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